Missouri Auto Repairs offers personalized automotive repair services on a broad range of vehicles with cost effective solutions to most any situation.

No one appreciates over cost parts or repairs so it is our goal to provide honest consultations, professional advice and a well managed approach to any repair or maintenance need. We are not a typical automotive repair shop, we serve the client, not corporations – Our attitude and pricing is highly noticeable and is one of the main reasons we are recommend by friends, family, clients and other area shops. Our pricing is below prime, we are fast service and the quality can not be beat.

Transmissions – Electrical Diagnostics – Starting/Charging – Cooling – Braking – Weird Stuff and so much more  ….  Call us on anything and lets talk.

Missouri Auto Repairs
“We can fix that!”

Monday – Friday 8:00am / 5:00pm by appointment only
Saturdays by appointment – Emergency Hours Available

Local Towing: Floyd’s Wrecker Service  417-865-7252
Local Yellow Cab: Jason Lawrence Cab #47 417-630-2341